Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is simple.

Your data is not important to us

No personal data is collected. Your personal data is worthless to us, so we do not ask for it. No data is stored or shared with third parties. We do not know who you are. We care so little, we do not even ask for your fake name. There is no login available, so we do not even collect a fake email address. Face it: we are just not that into you.

Data Collected

The only data collected are:

  • IP address
  • Browser information

The service uses an auto-generated account id, and a device id to be able to connect the different browsers together. The identifiers are random and do not get associated with any personal data — mainly because no personal data is collected (see first paragraph).

When data is copied between browsers, it transits through the Cache Nut servers in encrypted form. It is not possible to decrypt this data unless the decryption key is available. The keys are stored on the browsers and are never accessible to the servers.

How we use your data

We do not have your personal data, so we cannot do anything with it.

What about the IP address and browser information? We do not do anything with that data either. That information is generated in the access logs from the web server software, so we are disclosing it.

Updated: 2021-03-22